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Start September 5
Start September 5

Miyabi Marathon

A unique system of natural rejuvenation
with proven effectiveness
  • What is Miyabi's "Young Body" Marathon?
    This 21-day intensive course is dedicated to the complex work on posture and neck statics, the curvature of which leads to poor health and premature aging.
    Anyone can take part in the marathon!

    The marathon is conducted by Victoria Kushnareva, the author of the Miyabi system, answering all the questions that arise from the participants during the development of the program.

    The training will use physical exercises that work out the deep muscles of the back and the whole body, which are responsible for the health of the spine and form a beautiful, correct body position in space, aimed at eliminating muscle imbalances, as well as improving coordination.

    The program also includes stretching exercises that improve blood circulation, joint mobility, development of body flexibility, lightness, and grace.

    Miyabi Marathons are aimed at preserving and reviving natural beauty, and this course is no exception!

    Unique working methods will make you look and feel better.
  • Why work on posture?
    A stooped posture visually adds age and affects the psychology of a person, making him insecure.

    Spasms, clamps, and bone and muscle deformities inherent in incorrect posture cause aching pains in the body, compression, and displacement of internal organs, and are the cause of rapid fatigue.

    The twisted static of the neck causes a number of diseases, from chronic migraines to hypertension, with an extremely negative impact on health.

    Incorrect head position contributes to the displacement of facial tissues, and the formation of deep wrinkles, folds, and sagging.

    Due to impaired blood circulation and lymph flow in the cervical region, headaches appear, the skin on the face dries and fades, and the hydrodynamic balance is disturbed, resulting in edema.

    Working on the posture and statics of the neck is the key to your health and beauty, and it is useful at any age!
  • How is the Miyabi "Young Body" marathon held?
    The training takes place online on the website, on a convenient Internet platform specially created for the marathon.

    Every day, except Saturday and Sunday, participants

    waiting for new techniques and exercises, as well as theoretical articles for a deeper understanding of the processes that you have to work with during the marathon, conveniently completed in the Plan of the Day.

    There is no time limit in a marathon. You can use the marathon functionality, view information, and master techniques and exercises at any convenient time.

    All information about the marathon program remains available throughout the training, and another month after its completion, for independent work and consolidation of the acquired knowledge.

    On average, it will take about 40 minutes a day to master the marathon program.
  • What do you need to run a marathon?
    Of the mandatory: good mood, fighting spirit, and a yoga mat.

    And, as usual, the program of the Miyabi marathon will include aesthetic taping, elements of vacuum massage, as well as Victoria's secret techniques for eliminating cellulite and sagging skin: manual, using brushes, as well as Gua Sha scrapers.

    Remember that mastering taping, vacuum techniques, brushing elements, and Gua Sha are not mandatory!

    Kinesiotape, a set of vacuum jars for the body, brushes for the body, as well as Gua Sha stones are purchased exclusively by request!

    The Miyabi system is, first of all, exercises and manual techniques, other methods of influence are additional!

    But, if you decide to immerse yourself in any of these areas, you can find everything you need in @miyabi_beauty_shop
  • Are there any contraindications for running a marathon?
    Marathon Miyabi "YOUNG BODY" was created for relatively healthy people.

    If you have health problems that limit exercise, such as grade 2 scoliosis, be sure to check with your doctor before running a marathon!

    Pregnancy is also not the right time to correct your posture.

    And, for mothers breastfeeding, and for all mothers who gave birth more than two months ago, participation in the marathon is highly recommended!
  • And what results can be expected?
    By improving the statics of the neck, wrinkles are reduced, the neck lengthens, becomes thinner and more elegant, and the skin on the neck becomes more elastic.

    Often, it is the wrong neck static that causes frequent headaches, poor eyesight, hair loss, as well as deepening wrinkles and folds, including on the face.

    Removing spasms and clamps from the cervical region helps to improve blood circulation and normalize the lymph flow in the head. And normal blood circulation is the key to a beautiful complexion, a healthy glow, as well as thick hair!

    Healthy posture is the key to a beautiful body! After all, even a body with beautiful shapes with poor posture will not look attractive!

    The better your posture, the more graceful and refined your movements will be, the more confident you will feel, and the easier it will be for you to express yourself and realize yourself in this life!