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Cтоимость участия 3000 рублей
Старт 2 декабря
Miyabi PRO 2.0

  • What is the Miyabi PRO 2.0 course?
    This is a 21-day intensive advanced course dedicated to complex work with the face, neck, and posture.

    The Advanced Marathon is ONLY open to participants from previous Miyabi Basic Marathons, New Me Marathons, and Super Intensive Marathons.

    The marathon is conducted by Victoria Kushnareva, the author of the Miyabi System, answering all the questions that arise from the participants during the development of the program.

    In the Advanced course, attention will be focused on problem areas that require more serious and intensive study.

    The course program includes various massage techniques and manual methods of working with the surface tissues of the face, aimed at stimulating the necessary processes of regeneration and renewal in tissues, which can improve skin quality, and complexion, eliminate sagging, and smooth out wrinkles.

    Also in the program of the course are methods of deep study of tissues that will help get rid of congestion and fibrosis, and normalize and balance the tone of the muscles of the face and neck.

    The course will help you get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, smooth the area between the eyebrows, lift the overhanging eyelid and rejuvenate the orbital area, reduce nasolabial folds, minimize marionette wrinkles, achieve general tissue lifting, get rid of jowls, double chin, sagging in the area where the neck passes into the chin, improve the oval of the face, shape the corner of youth, restore or increase the grace and beauty of your face.

    Super effective methods of working with the tissues of the neck will relieve spasms and clamps from the muscles, reduce wrinkles and folds on the neck, eliminate congestion and fibrosis, increase skin elasticity, and restore the correct statics to the neck.

    The Advanced course will present all the most effective and effective ways to deal with age-related imperfections that are part of the Miyabi System.
  • Where is the Miyabi Marathon held?
    The Miyabi Advanced course takes place online on the Miyabi app for iOS and Android, as well as on the website.
    5 days a week, participants will be waiting for new techniques and exercises, as well as theoretical articles, for a deeper understanding of the processes that will work during the training.

  • What time are the classes?
    The training takes place online, there is no reference to time.
    All information about the marathon program remains available throughout the course, and for another month after its completion, for independent work and consolidation of the acquired knowledge.
    You can use the functionality, view information, master techniques, and exercises at any convenient time.
    On average, it will take about 40 minutes a day to master the training program.

  • What is required to complete the training?
    The training program will include Aesthetic taping, as well as Victoria's secret techniques for working on the elimination of the most persistent wrinkles: manually and using brushes.
    To master these methods, you will need a Kinesio tape for aesthetic facial taping.
    Mastering taping is not mandatory. But, if you decide to immerse yourself in this direction, you can find everything you need in @miyabi_beauty_shop
  • Are there any contraindications for running a marathon?
    The Miyabi Advanced course is designed for relatively healthy people.
    If you have health problems that limit exercise or facial massage, check with your doctor before running a marathon!
    Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can participate in the training!