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Start November 21
Cтоимость участия 3000 рублей
Старт 2 декабря
Marathon Miyabi "AESTHETICS"

  • What is the Miyabi Aesthetics Marathon?
    This 21-day intensive training is dedicated to the complex work with the face and body.
    Anyone can take part in the marathon. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced miyabists.

    The marathon is conducted by Victoria Kushnareva, the author of the Miyabi System, answering all the questions that arise from the participants during the development of the program.

    During the marathon, you will master various exercises, manual techniques, and osteopathic techniques for working with aesthetic problems of the face and body, as well as age-related manifestations.

    The marathon program is for you if you want to:
    - Restore the symmetry of the face (corners of the lips at different levels, displacement of the nose, displacement of the eyes, different eye sizes, different eyebrow heights, age-related retraction of the face in the center, and other asymmetries caused by a violation of the symmetry of the skull).
    - Influence the presence and depth of wrinkles (eyebrow fold, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, etc.) due to the development of muscle-fascial traction and intraosseous tension at a deep structural level.
    - Tighten the contour of the face, eliminate the double chin, and make the "angle of youth" clearer by working out the muscular-fascial traction of the neck, mediastinum, and tension of the diaphragms of the body.
    - Reduce or completely remove bruises and bags under the eyes, having worked out venous congestion in the skull, poor lymphatic exchange, and mediastinal clamp.
    - Improve posture by eliminating distortions at the muscular-fascial level, and get rid of the widow's hump and stoop.
    - Remove asymmetry in the neck, make it longer, reduce wrinkles, a rings of Venus, tighten the skin.
    - Improve the general condition of the skin, its tone, color, elasticity, blood supply and cleansing.
    - Reverse the aging process and achieve sustainable results.
  • Where is the Miyabi Marathon held?
    The training takes place online in the Miyabi app for iOS and Android, as well as on the website.

    Every day, except weekends, participants will be waiting for new techniques and exercises, as well as theoretical articles, for a deeper understanding of the processes that will work during the marathon.
  • What time are the classes?
    The Miyabi Marathon takes place online, there is no time reference in it.

    All information of the marathon program remains available throughout the training, and another month after its completion, for independent work and consolidation of the acquired knowledge.

    You can use the marathon functionality, view information, master techniques and exercises at any convenient time.

    On average, it will take about 30 minutes a day to master the marathon program.

  • What do you need to run a marathon?
    You will need a good mood, a desire to learn and comprehend new things, to become more beautiful and healthier every day!
  • Are there any contraindications for running a marathon?
    The Miyabi Marathon is created for relatively healthy people.

    If you have health problems that limit exercise or facial massage, check with your doctor before running a marathon!

    Pregnant women and mothers on breastfeeding can participate in the marathon!
  • Will there be marathon winners?
    Of course! Marathon is a real competition!
    At the end of the training, a competition for results is held.

    The best result is chosen by open voting among the participants of the marathon.