Victoria Kushnareva, 42 years old, author of the Miyabi system
About the author

Victoria Kushnareva is the author of the unique Miyabi natural rejuvenation system, the first beauty coach in Russia.
The Miyabi system is based on a soft, gradual return to the face and body of natural harmonious proportions and forms through exercises and massages, as well as proper skin care. The Miyabi system is aimed at deep work with oneself, at finding and eliminating the causes of deformation, at establishing contact with the body.
Victoria is a professional model, she lived and worked for many years in Japan, where the secrets and traditions of preserving youth are especially carefully kept and carefully observed. In a 22-year modeling career in which the stakes on appearance and standards are sky-high, Victoria, with curiosity, consistency and perfectionism, studied all possible recipes and ways to keep her face and body as harmonious as in her youth.
The Miyabi system was born from personal practices, daily observations and discoveries, continuous learning from the best specialists in the field of manual practices, kinesiology, and cosmetology.
Victoria is an opponent of invasive and crude methods in cosmetology, "beauty injections" and face-building. Only proper relaxation, care, self-love and a holistic, systematic approach to health can preserve and even restore youth. In her trainings and articles, Victoria teaches a competent approach to working with the face and body, supports women and men on the path of natural rejuvenation and helps them learn to value themselves, to accept their own characteristics.
Miyabi's author's rejuvenation system is a real brainchild of Victoria, which grows and develops every year. Hundreds of students every month leave reviews full of gratitude and enthusiasm, thousands of women and men around the world constantly practice Miyabi.
The author of the methodology herself continues her journey in the study and practice of anti-aging techniques. Victoria generously shares her knowledge with readers and students who have passed a strict test for safety and effectiveness.
Victoria considers her mission to change the prevailing rather cruel standards of youth and aging. The author of the Miyabi system suggests prolonging youth for as long as possible, and then aging beautifully: without gross interventions, with love for yourself and your age!